Playsilk buying tips

There are few things to consider when buying playsilks:
Playsilks come in a range of sizes.  The small ones (11" square) are good for little babies, but will not be large enough to use as dress-up costumes when they're older.  Midsize ones (20” or so) are good for toddlers, but the most versatile size is the large size (35” or so).  The larger size can be folded to make them more manageable for younger children and they can be used all the way through to around age 10.
Silk Playground  playsilks are the larger size, 90 x 90 cm or 35” square.
Fabric weight/
If the silk fabric is too heavy they won't have that beautiful flowy drape to them.  Too thin and they may not be durable enough for years of play.  (Playsilks can be used from newborn up to around age 10, so it pays to get ones that will last).
Ours are mid-weight, durable yet flowy and a tiny bit sheer.
Dye evenness
The usual choices here are a mottled/uneven/tie dyed look or a solid and even dye job.  It’s really up to personal preference. 
Silk Playground playsilks are dyed to be solid & even.
Colour range
Playsilks colours can be bright & vibrant, or in muted pastels, so it depends on what you’d prefer.
Ours are in bright, rainbow colours.
Dye permanence
This is quite important, as well loved playsilks will need washing from time to time.  If they have not been dyed with professional silk dyes, they may fade in the wash.  They may also run in the wash, so don’t wash them with your regular laundry until you're sure they're washfast!  (Even then, silk is best cared for by hand washing.  See here for fabric care instructions)
Our playsilks are professionally dyed with permanent, lightfast and washfast dyes. 
Dye type
There are a range of silk dyes available.  As children may put playsilks in their mouths, the dyes must be non-toxic in order to be safe.
Silk Playground playsilks are dyed with non-toxic dyes.
The choices are usually rolled & hand stitched hems or sewn hems.  Durability is again the consideration here.  Refer here for a photo that shows both types of hemming. Both should be ok under normal conditions, but I have tested both types in child care centres and sewn hems will withstand the most vigorous play.  
Our playsilk hems are neatly sewn.
So there are few things to think about.  Before you buy anywhere, I recommend that you ask about the points that matter to you.  You can even dye your own playsilks, but keep in mind that dye evenness and dye permanence can be harder to achieve (depending on the dyes and dyeing methods you use).