What can you do with playsilks?

To an adult, it's a scarf, but to a child a playsilk can be anything at all with a little imagination!  They can be used for:
    Dress-ups for toddlers and older children
    Peek-a-boo games for babies
    Play props: a blue river, green meadow or yellow beach sand
    Moving to music
    Learning colours
    Sensory development activities

Some parents may think that their child wouldn't enjoy a toy that isn't complex or battery operated, or that their child "isn't creative".  All you need to do is show your child that playsilks can be this or that.  Give them a couple of ideas (see below for inspiration).  Your child's innate creativity may surprise and delight you.

All Silk Playground customers will receive access to a collection of over 30 illustrated creative playsilk ideas to help you get the most out of your playsilks.