"The playsilks are awesome! Fantastic quality and the colours are so vibrant!  My 2.5yo son loves playing with them (wearing them as a cape is a favourite so far!!)"
- Kirsty, Mooroolbark, VIC

"Look what arrived! They are wonderful!!!!! Thank you so much. The prettiest I've ever seen! And softest! And most floaty!"
- Jessica, East Hampton, NY, USA

"OMG! These arrived today and they are AMAZING!  The kids are totally excited and in love with them - currently they are fairies making a tee pee house for themselves.  Wish I had done this years ago. Will be recommending you and your silks - they are brilliant colours, feel fantastic and are a great size.  Thanks so much!"
- Claire, NZ

"Thanks for getting the playsilks out so quickly! They are a Christmas present for my 2 year old daughter, though I think all our children will enjoy playing with them (4 year old boy and eventually the baby!). I am looking forward to seeing the creativity the playsilks foster in their play."
- Melissa, Highgate, WA

“I bought a set of silks for my one year old a few months back, and promised you some feedback once my daughter had had time to play and explore. I am really happy with the quality. They look beautiful - bright and shimmery and they really catch her attention. Love the open-ended nature of playsilks and have been really surprised at the creativity they have helped develop in my daughter. The playsilks get used every day. She loves some of the ideas listed on your website such as peek-a-boo and as a dolls blanket but she has come up with lots of creative ideas of her own. Her favourite thing to do is stuff them in an old tissue box and pull them out quickly. She loves sitting under one with someone else seeing the colour reflect on their faces, as cleaning rag and she also figured out that if you put them on top of pillows and jump on they make a fun slide. My nephew visited and enjoyed using them as a tool belt.”
- Tracey, Surry Hills, VIC

"Hi Lara, just some quick feedback - the silks have been a massive hit in our house. My little girl (the recipient) has used them nearly every day, in one form or another.  Funnily enough, so have her brothers (8 and 5).  In fact, we have had some issues with arguments over who gets what!  They've sorted it out amongst themselves though, the general agreement seems to be that when they're all playing together the boys can have two each, while my daughter gets three (in her choice of colours!). Funny kids.  So nice to see them all having a great time together."
- Ainsley, Newcastle, NSW

"We received your silks in the post yesterday. I was worried my children might not know what to do with them since they don't have batteries/lights/wheels and you can't build them. But they got into them immediately! The first thing was just throwing them in the air just to see how they fell. Then they progressed to wearing them as dresses and capes.  This morning they made a beach scene and wrapped the baby up.  I was initially unsure about the cost, but if they continue like this its an absolute bargain!  Thanks so much."
- Lisa, Sydney, NSW

"I received the beautiful playsilks in the mail today. They will be a gift for my daughter either for Christmas or her first birthday in January. She is going to love them, and I suspect she will grow to love them more as she gets older."
- Tracey, Surrey Hills, VIC

"Thanks for the beautiful playsilks, the colours are so vibrant and the texture is gorgeous. I run a family day care service from home, and I have two young boys of my own (4 and 1.5). My boys are especially loving them and playing with them daily, which I am so pleased about, there has already been lots of creative play – capes, dressups, hiding. Of course, being boys, their favourite seems to be wearing them as capes and running around the house – the silk billows out so beautifully! It's really lovely to see them both doing this together, and my youngest is always bringing a playsilk over to me to get me to put on him. I have also tried several of the ideas from the website with the family day care kids and they have also had lots of fun with the kangaroo pouch, pirate hats and general dressups – its great to encourage their imagination, and a couple of the kids I look after haven’t had much experience in that, and are fascinated when I put it on as a pirate, then change it to cape, then something else. Thanks for the excellent product and ideas, I will certainly be recommending them to others."
- Laura, Grovedale, VIC

"Been meaning to email to let you know the silks arrived safely but have been rushed off my feet this week. They're bright and beautiful and I know my daughter is going to be thrilled when she opens them on Christmas day! Thank you for a fantastic service for your gorgeous product."
- Louise, Berowra, NSW

"The silks arrived last week and my girls love them. Thanks for all the play ideas. We’ve used them for a game at my 4 year old daughter’s birthday  party and had lots of fun at home dressing up, having picnics, playing hopscotch etc...  So happy I’m going to recommend my daughter’s pre-school buy a set."
- Emma, Belmore, NSW

"My kids are creative after all!!!  They have a lot of toys that just 'are what they are' and I didn't know how they'd go with your playsilks.  They go nuts for them...and have fights over them, lol!  The quality is really wonderful, too.  I'm so happy with them.  Thanks!"
- Julia, Brisbane, QLD

"Thanks for a wonderful product that is providing hours of fun for my 2 year old and 6 month old triplets. Something we can all play with together - simple, beautiful and the activities are endless! Great for all these rainy days we are having."
- Carly, Brisbane, QLD

"I can't tell you how wonderful these things are, Matisse (and Keira, who is 9) both absolutely love them - THANK YOU!!  (The fave thing so far is an indoor beach ♥)"
- Catriona, Sydney, NSW

"I don't normally do this, but I wanted to write and say thank you for our playsilks and to let you know how much the children at our centre love them.  Thank goodness we bought a few sets, because they all make a mad dash for the playsilk box every morning.  Our staff has had fun incorporating them into activities, but the children seem happy enough to invent their own games with them.  They were a very worthwhile investment and we are very happy with them."
- Jan, Sydney, NSW

"Just a quick note to say how much the children are enjoying the silks.  Today I washed three (that had been worn as capes) that got quite a bit of paint on them – good as new! Thanks for a great resource."
- Helen, Katoomba, NSW

"Thank you for our playsilks, they are great! So far, only Nursery room used them, but staff are impressed with their quality and versatility. Babies are enjoying their music &  movement dressed in the playsilks and staff are having a ball too."
- Yanka, Lakemba, NSW

"Thank you for the wonderful service.  I ♥ them and they haven't even made it out of the packet yet.  I'm trying to keep them hidden for a rainy day or Christmas, but I want to play with them!  lol"
- Monica, Brisbane, QLD

"Hello Silk Playground!  I just wanted to say thanks for the gorgeous playsilks.  The kids that come to our workshops absolutely LOVE them.  We have been making waves to the ocean song, flapping our wings to the bird song, tucking our toys into bed to the goodnight song and dancing around like rainbows!  I will definitely be ordering a couple more sets very soon."
- Ally, Kiddyrock Workshops, NSW

"The kids haven't put them down since they got here. They have been dress ups, blankets, cubby houses etc. etc. I was a little worried since it wasn't plastic and complete with flashing lights they might need a tute on how to use them, but they love them just the same :)  Thankyou so much!”
- Steph, Sydney, NSW

“My playsilks are here! Wow they are so beautiful.  They are going to be a hit at Christmas! Love your blog, getting some awesome ideas.”
- Anne, Nambour, QLD

“The silks arrived in the post yesterday and the kids just love them! We have had bird dances, cubby houses, teddy wraps and ghosts non-stop! The baby just loves putting them on his head too! My daughter took all 7 to bed with her last night. Thank you”
- Anna, Ashburton, VIC

“Thanks again for such gorgeous silks - Oscar and I have been playing lots of peekaboo, and I can't wait to use them for my piano/music students after the school holidays!”
- Katie, Brisbane, QLD

“Thanks for sending the silks through so quickly! They are fantastic and the girls started playing with them straight away. "Oh, dress ups!" was one comment, and "Look - a rainbow" was another. They have been hidden under, thrown, draped, and cuddled and we've only had them an hour or so :)”
- Nicole, Carina, QLD

“They arrived today and we have been having such fun with them! Tristan and I were playing peek-a-boo, then when Lucie got home from school she used them for dressups and spent half an hour in front of the full-length mirror dancing with them! I can't wait to use them in my music classes next week.”
- Ruth, Sydney NSW

“They are great and are helping Lily to learn colours. She loves playing with them!”
- Nicole, Ormeau QLD

“The playsilks arrived today and my girls love them, thanks so much. It looks like I may have to buy another set, they are fighting over them lol!!”
- Tia, Northam WA

“Thank you SO much for the playsilks they are BEYOND gorgeous! My girls love them so much. The colours are amazing! I'll be taking them to my mothers group and playgroup too!”
- Emily, Mackay QLD

“I am so surprised that my kids want to play with these simple (but beautiful) pieces of fabric for hours on end. Unbelievable, really. They just love them!”
- Jacqui, East Doncaster VIC

“The colours are so vibrant... Is it wrong to keep a couple of them for myself?”
- Tina, Perth WA